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officers bewildered. texas is the hardest hit out of them with six border patrol closures. we talk with law enforcement there who say it is a bad idea. >> reporter: the patrol station and emerald texas its on grassy land at the edge of town. the offices hundreds of miles from the border and may not be much to look at. sheriff brian thomas is the dippy patrol for interstate 4. he counts on the border patrol agents for help. what do you think happens when you come across a group of illegal immigrants that may be trafficking? >> if we do not have any criminal charges on them have to let them go. >> reporter: the share fire off a letter to texas lawmakers saying that the plan is not thought out we should hang a sign on the texas panhandle that says welcome illegals. >> reporter: this is one of the holding cells and usually illegal immigrants are brought here before their transfer to a holding facility the sheriff here tells us that on any given day he can see between zero and 15 illegal immigrants here. customs and border protection agency says that is going to close down 90 stations to encour
texas for the division lead title. however, the giants are still ahead of the dodgers. this quick live look. this time from our roof cam looking at san francisco. a mild start... >> this shark sighting in santa cruz. >> this person knew about this shark about 60 ft. off the coast but decided to go into the water anyway. thousands of other beach course cannot help but notice these sharp warnings posted these sharp warnings these great white shark warnings. >> it is most definitely something that is onboard radar a specially from the attacked a couple of weeks ago. we have all more lifeguards and we are keeping an extra i out. >> this 14-ft great white shark was cruising at 30 ft. of water near that cement ship. near the pier. it was described as non-aggressive of by a shark expert. >> he was just orbiting. kind of fading and disappearing and then he would reappear. >> and he says that it is possible but not likely that it is the same shark that attacked that kayaker also, this march attack on a stee---seal. and is that where they sought it, right here? oral i will take my chances lo >>
of the president's today. this is happening in its texas. >>darya: san bernardino could become the third california city since last month to file bankruptcy. it has a 45 may and dollar shortfall -- $45 million shortfall even after making cuts last month. >>mark: the system stands to lose 200 -- $250 million in state tax money. see as you has money troubles. the employees will have to take at a cut plus an increase tuition. >>darya: there is disappointing news about the state's public retirement system. this fund received less money than expected. and only had a 1% return on that investment. they expected 7 1/2%. one-and-a-half million state employees are calling to be pressured into contributing more money. >>mark: the drought will lead to higher prices for everything from milk to meet. it is hurting corn crops in iowa. the hot dry weather in jane which ranked the third driest year in met this may petcock problem worse. >> -- and this made the problem worse. >>james: this is a lot of luck at walnut creek. people driving along 680 will have to use the windshield wipers every now and then. take a lo
step of the way. >> darya: and texas guy who had his car stolen just got his car back it was stolen ford--40 years ago in philadelphia in 1970. after years of searching he found his calling car for sale on ebay. he still had the original ticket with the title and the van number to prove it was his. he got the car that he stick with the captain of for that car in 1967 and now it is worth a whopping $23,000. >> mark: he really missed that car. we will be right back as the morning news continues we have a live look at the bay bridge, we have a backup and thick fog around the bay area. we are following a possible plan protest and disruption of muni. we are getting word that the j and inlines our block. we will go live to get an update as the kron4 morning news continues.
that air through the mid '80s to the mid-90s. and a texas couple is celebrating today after they found a family pet seven years later. they sent into all live with them for the first year of her life. and in seven years ago after her brother was stolen out of their yard, she was also dognapped. >> there was a man that went to a doctor and they said no. my husband to let me discuss this with my wife. i said there is nothing to discuss, she is mine and i want her back. >> mark: they were able to track her because she had a microchip. it said the dog was in philly good condition but importantly she remembered her name, her home and her family. now garbage rates in quarter madera are going up. they approved a 3% increase, all customers will pay about $1 more per can. take affect to encourage more residents to move to smaller chance. >> mark: that you're looking at three giant fireballs. they were launching this huge fireworks celebration in san diego the problem was all the fireworks went off at once. the owner of garden state fireworks apologize to the 500,000 spectators and has offered
of his own. >> mark: next up we have the rangers against the a's. texas won six to one. they're taking on the rangers at 3:35 p.m.. now and has won nine of their last 10 heading into last night's game. they are in striking distance of the second wild-card spot. coming up on the kron4 morning news, tens of thousands of college students in our state's fifth big tuition increases some school leaders are getting raises, we are live with a protest that is planned in just a few hours from now. and so the companies are fighting back. >> mark: and has facebook run its course? you can weigh in on this new satisfaction report.
. smaller cities like fort worth texas sawdust-- saw the highest spike. they say former home owners this place by foreclosure has driven up man-to-man--has driven up demand. >> justine: an order came down from accrediting commission yesterday that says city college's failure to fix serious longstanding problems of leadership and fiscal planning means that it could lose its accreditation and be forced to close. only one california college has shut down in recent years due to the loss of accreditation. governor jerry brown says he wants to keep talking with democratic leaders about overhauling the state's pension system. the governor says that he could not reach a deal with lawmakers on his proposal that included raising the retirement age and moving workers to a pension for a one k system. his announcement yesterday suggest that there is still work to do to help the rising costs. critics say the costs are unsustainable and compete with education and other programs for limited state and local funds. much more ahead on a kron4 morning news we have your weather forecasts and traffic rig
against the red hot texas rangers. >> mark: oakland had to overcome a great performance by the rangers picture that manage his fees and high with a win. now a wild finish for the giants, check this out we have buster posey and they did before then split here. the bottom of the ninth, to out. -=--2 outs and the giants had a surprising win. >> darya: that was pretty embarrassing for the other guy. >> mark: the check out the all-star game. >> mark: these guys all selected by the fans. buster posey had 7.6 million votes. that is the highest total ever for a national league player. >> darya: really! people obviously love him. >> darya: people really get into this. >> mark: they are trying to get more people interested in the all-star game. >> darya: i like the derby. >> mark: everyone likes the home run derby. >> darya: let us take a look here. the temperatures outside our 55 and we are looking for a high of 68. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol.
texas home at 74. he was known for his role as george jefferson. >>> people magazine is reporting that chris tin stewart has cheated on her costar boyfriend. the hookup occurred with her snow white director who is married with two kids. they were not available to comment on the matter. >>> and finally, sharon osborn announced that she is leaving america's got talent. she was all smiles on the show tuesday evening and would not give a reason why she is quitting the show f you want to talk about what is trending, you can vest my facebook fan page. >>> and coming up on the morning news, gunfire on a highway overnight. two men are hurt. we'll have a live report with the details on what happened in that shooting in a couple of minutes. >>> and video of a killer whale attack in san diego t is just now out. and it is shocking to see what he went through. he is okay. but it is good video. that's coming up. >> >>mark: thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. watch at this morning.
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9